RonyaSoft Poster Designer 2.0.3

RonyaSoft Poster Designer is a poster design software program to make your own posters, banners and signs. You do not longer need to be professional designer to create own beauty graphics. Collection of 300+ ready to use poster templates and collection of 1500 clipart images are included to make your poster creation easy as 1-2-3. Poster collection includes Funny, Business, Party, Event, Sale, Certificates, Signs and moreā€¦Utilize your creativity and make attractive posters and banners yourself with poster maker software!
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It should have visual cues for layers' positions

It should have visual cues for layers' positions as well as nicer selection options.
Oneiros, 25.04.2016, 13:00
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Combine the Modules

By combining the two modules into one application users like myself are not likely to think this is good but if I buy "Peter" then I need to buy "Paul". You could keep the two apps at the same price but offer the two combined at a discounted...
Alan Wade, 25.04.2016, 11:30
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Make it open "Centre Screen"

Make it open "Centre Screen" or at least in the position it occupied when last closed. Opening half off screen is extremely annoying and unprofessional.
Nigel, 25.04.2016, 09:52
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combine it with at least a basic label maker

this would make it more od a buy compared to similar programs which offer the same programs.
philip arp, 25.04.2016, 14:21